Best bands?With so many options on the market today, what is the best resistance bands set currently available?

As more people have gotten turned on to the idea of getting fit with an elastic band workout, the popularity of these systems has only increased. Effectiveness, affordability, and portability are all key reasons for the surge in demand for resistance band sets, and in this short article, we’ll take a look at the best fitness stretch bands and why they are leading the pack.

Bodylastics – Best Resistance Bands on the Market

For many years, Bodylastics has been the leader in the rubber workout bands industry. Manufactured with professional-grade materials and backed by a lifetime guarantee, Bodylastics resistance bands are used and endorsed by a large number of professional athletes and fitness professionals.

Best Resistance Bands SetOnce considered to be nothing more than an aerobics class accessory, Bodylastics has truly changed the way that rubber exercise tubing is viewed. Capable of delivering high-intensity workouts, Bodylastics bands are even used by professional bodybuilders to pack on additional muscle mass.

Built with only the highest quality materials and hardware, Bodylastics bands feature the smoothest stretch and safest experience when it comes to working out with exercise bands. The “Bodylastics Quick Clip System” consists of ultra-heavy duty aluminum clips which are securely attached to the ends of the rubber tubing, and they can be easily attached to the included handles and ankle straps. While appearing simple, this design is highly effective in that it provides users with the ability to generate more than 100 levels of tension.

Bodylastics has also implemented a new technology that makes their rubber resistance bands even safer and more durable. Known as “D.G.S.” (Distance Governor Safety), it limits the length that elastic can be stretched and is designed to prevent rubber tube breakage.

Best Resistance Bands for Men and Women

Whether you are interested in losing weight and fat loss, improving your athletic performance, or building muscle mass, Bodylastic bands are the best option available at any price point. Backed by a 90 day no-questions-asked guarantee, we recommend that you try them out and experience the quality firsthand.

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