Resistance Band WorkoutsIn the video below, we’ll be discussing several key benefits of using Bodylastics bands for your resistance band workouts. More and more people are discovering the effectiveness of resistance band exercises, and the Bodylastics line of fitness bands is the most well-constructed, safest option on the market today.

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective way to get into the best shape of your life, read on and be sure to watch the video below to see if Bodylastics resistance bands are right for you.

Resistance Band Workouts Produce Results

When many people are first exposed to the Bodylastics resistance band lineup, they often underestimate the type of results one can achieve by incorporating them into their workouts. Resistance band workouts are highly effective in building muscle, losing weight, toning and shaping, cardiovascular training, and increasing athletic performance, and there’s a good reason why so many professional athletes, personal trainers, and bodybuilders are using them each and every day in their workouts.

A Resistance Band Workout is Easy on the Joints

Fitness bands are not only highly effective, they’re also easy on the joints. Traditionally, working out with heavy free weights and machines can place a great deal of stress on the body’s joints and lead to severe pain and even injury — exercising with Bodylastic bands minimizes joint stress without compromising results.

Bodylastics Bands are Affordable

Let’s face it — working out can be extremely expensive. Costly home gyms, fitness club memberships, and personal training sessions can take a serious bite out of your wallet. Bodylastics resistance bands, on the other hand, are very affordable and an entry level kit can be purchased for less than $50.

Resistance Band Exercises are Quiet

Unlike loud, clanking free weights and exercise machines, a Bodylastics resistance band workout is extremely quiet! Exercising with rubber fitness bands is essentially noise-free, with the exception of the heavy breathing induced from an intense workout!

Bodylastics Resistance Bands are Easy to Use

One does not need to be a trained fitness professional in order to enjoy effective resistance band workouts with Bodylastics bands. There are an endless number of exercises that one can perform, and they are easy to learn.

Included Extras

All Bodylastics resistance band kits include a 76 page user manual, as well as up to 2 free months of access to the Bodylastics LiveExercise membership. This online membership site will give you access to more than 3,000 resistance band workouts which are custom tailored for muscle building, increasing athletic performance, losing weight, and more.

The Bodylastics Lifetime Warranty

Widely known as the leader in the resistance band industry, Bodylastics has a sterling reputation for standing behind everything that they make for the lifetime of the product.

Bodylastics Exercise Bands are Portable

Bodylastic exercise bands are extremely portable and your workouts can literally be performed anytime, anywhere. The included elastic bands and accessories fit neatly into the Bodylastics storage/travel case that comes with each order, and it can be stored in a drawer, closet, suitcase, or gym bag.

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